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Animal farming is a profitable business. Most of the time it turns intoa multi-purpose business that fulfills a lot of needs of a farmer. It not only secures a steady food and milk supply for the family but also helps the owner in earning a good amount of revenue to run the show as well.

What Is The Most Low-Maintenance Farm Animal? | Epic Vill (1)

People have a love for animals and livestock. But they are unable to farm them because of some limitations like space, and most of the time due to the high maintenance required for them. In this blog, we are going to discuss the lowest maintenance farm animals, which you can easily farm and prosper.

What Is Meant By Low Maintenance?

When people are asked why they don’topt for livestock, the reason they give is that it requires high maintenance. But what is meant by high or low maintenance?

Does low maintenance mean no effort at all? Or high maintenance means that you have to burn the midnight oil to take care of livestock?

Including specific livestock in the category of low maintenance depends upon many factors. Some of the main factors are the food supply, cleanup, visitation, and land requirements for particular livestock.

Food Needs Of Livestock

Food requirement for every livestock varies to a great extent. Most of the high-maintenancelivestock need specialized food. They cannot graze or digest any kind of feed. They are on particular types of feed.

Feeding every livestock with specialized food, or growing it for them is a long hectic task, that also needs a lot of resources. If the livestock is able to maintain itself on low or minimal food by itself, then you can say it’s low-maintenance livestock.

Cleaning Their Space

Some animals might need good cleanliness to thrive well. It is not an easy task for all farm owners. Some usually find it hectic and aversive. That’s why the livestock or animals which require little or no cleaning are usually categorized as low-maintenance animals.

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You Need To Visit Them Regularly

Some animals need a lot of visitation. That makes them high-maintenance animals. But some require little or no visitation. They can thrive well in any provided area. So, these types of animals are usually categorized as low-maintenance animals.

You just need to visit them, when you need something from them. They don’t create such a mess.

Land Requirements

Land requirement is one of the main determinants, and based on that different animals can be categorized as high or low-maintenance animals. Because in this case, you would not only need the land to keep the animal but to maintain, and take care of the land as well.

Animals, that require a little area of land, and do not distort the land or do not create a mess in the land are usually categorized as low-maintenance animals. These are quite good at adjusting and usually thrive well in a particular area of land.

What Is The Lowest-Maintenance Farm Animal?

What Is The Most Low-Maintenance Farm Animal? | Epic Vill (2)

Most livestock animals need proper maintenance to thrive and prosper. However, there is a bunch of animals that can be taken as low-maintenance animals. Some of the most important are as follows:


Chickens is a commonly raised livestock. This livestock has such qualities and abilities that it can be easily categorized as low-maintenance livestock. They reproduce easily, they lay eggs that can be used as food as well as you can sell them in the local market. Seems like a good business idea.

They occupy less land than any other. While also, thriving well as a whole. They can feed themselves from many sources. You just need to provide them with the land they need.


Chickens eat multiple types of grass and insects. Most of the time you will be vising to collect the eggs rather than taking extra care of them.

They might need clearing of the shed/ space after a particular period of time. Otherwise, you are good to go, keep them and earn from them.


Ducks are usually same as the chickens. There is a smaller difference between them. Duck usually supplies a good amount of meat as compared to chickens as well as lays larger eggs.

Especially Pekin ducks are good to keep at the farm. They are larger in size than normal ducks.

There is another benefit of ducks, they take care of the insects and harmful weeds in the space. Also, they can feed themselves. They require little space or shelter to live.

However, Keep in mind that ducks need a pond also. For the most part of the day, even at night, you will find ducks out in the air.

They love to be outside and prefer to go to the shelter when they think it is suitable. These are slow creatures. You will have to take care of the predators as well. Because their reaction time is not good. However, you would be able to get a good amount of eggs and meat supply with little effort.


Rabbits are in the category of very low-maintenance livestock. They need less space. They can easily thrive on a little grassy land. Rabbits can easily make their own shelters and can multiply quite quickly. Like chickens and ducks, they are a great source of meat supply with almost no effort.

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You can get the space for them as well. Otherwise, they can dig deep once they got the direction. These are harmless creatures that provide considerable benefits.

They produce one of the best organic fertilizers. Which becomes a good ingredient for grass to grow. They are easy to tackle and easy to take care of.

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Honey Bees

Usually, people even don’t consider honey bees as livestock to be kept on the farm. But, surprisingly, these are one of the lowest-maintenance livestock. The result is even greater and more precious.

You just need to get the honey bee hive boxes to make sure you provide an adequate place for them. Just make sure there is the availability of water somewhere near.

These bees drink water and also rest there. So keep the stones in the water to avoid drowning. In the spring swarms will also come. You would be able to get a good supply of honey.

Which you can use as well as can be sold. Just use the right machinery while dealing with bees. Leave some honey for them as food.

Goats and Sheep

Goats are one of the best animals which require little or no maintenance and give promising results. Goats can be fed easily. They can eat multiple types of grass, fruits, and bark as well.

They require less space and multiply quickly. You need to make sure they don’t wander freely out of the desired space.

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Otherwise, goats provide a steady supply of milk and meat as well. Many countries’ economies are truly based on goats and sheep.

Sheep are also low-maintenance animals. Even they are easy to take care of than goats. Sheep are innocent and don’t tease their owners. They don’t wander and roam freely all alone.

You will need little space for them, and cleaning in case of any waste, both in the case of goats and sheep. They will be able to provide a steady supply of milk and meat for your family.


Cows are low-maintenance animals. The statement might surprise you, but actually, it is being debated that cows are low-maintenance livestock. The people who support the notion are of the opinion that cows can thrive in a little space, grazing by themselves.

But actually, it is not the case. You will not find cows as low-maintenance animals. They require a good amount of space to graze. They cannot eat every type of grass and fruit like goats. Also, they will need shelter as well in harsh times. They are not as easy to handle.

If you are being suggested about cows as low maintenance, just think about it again. You would be able to make the right decision.


Geese could be your next low-maintenance livestock. First of all, if you don’t need a large space for them. You can keep them in a small shelter as well, don’t overcrowd them.

These are great sources of meat and eggs. They require a little more space. They can eat grains, compost, grass, and others. You can arrange it for free as well. Expect a good amount of eggs from them, use them to multiply your geese also.

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They also love water same like ducks, but even if you don’t have a big pond near, they will still do well. Make sure to provide adequate water. They grow well in all seasons, so don’t worry about the weather changes

In short, there are low-maintenance animals that are provided by mother nature, so everyone who has a love for these can opt for them as well as can get the benefits from them. On the last note, keep them, raise them, get benefits from them and take good care of them in return as they depend on you.


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