Sanguinair Vampirism (2023)

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Brief Overview
Sanguinair Vampirism overhauls vampire and vampire lord by adding new features, spells, abilities and perks.

Core Features

(Video) Skyrim How to cure Sanguinare Vampiris

  • New and Revamped Vampire and Vampire Lord Spells, Abilities and Perks.
  • Revamped Stage Progression System
  • Revamped Vampire Hunters
  • New ways to earn vampire perk points
  • Configurable MCM Menu (Requires SKSEand SkyUI)
  • And More


  • Skyrim Special Edition for PC
  • SKSE & SkyUI (Recommended)

Stage Progression
Stages are based on the amount of blood left in your body. The amount of blood in your body can be increased by feeding or drinking blood potions and will decrease overtime. The stronger you're the more blood you will use to maintain your vampire powers.

Normal Stage Progression
You grow stronger by resisting to urge to feed, the less blood in your body the more powerful you get. At stage 1 you feel like a true vampire and at stage 5 you are almost a human.

Reverse Stage Progression
You grow stronger by feeding, more blood in your body makes you more powerful. At stage 5 you feel like a true vampire and at stage 1 you are almost a human.

Vampire Abilities

  • Water-breathing- Vampires don't need oxygen so they are able to swim underwater forever.
  • Immune to Poison and Diseases- The undeath cannot be harmed by the effects of poison and disease.

Blood dependent abilities
There are 5 stages each stage will increase the weaknesses and strengthsby the same amount.
All effects affect the vampire and vampire lord.


  • Weakness to fire- +20% weakness to fire.
  • Weakness to silver- +10% weakness to silver.
  • Resistance to frost- +20% resistance to frost.
  • VampiricStrength- Your claws deal 5 more damage.
  • Champion of the Night- Illusions spells are 5% more potent.
  • NightstalkerFootsteps- Vampires are 10% harder to detect.

Option weaknesses
The following abilities can be enabled or disabled in the config menu.

  • Sun Damage- You start burning in direct sunlight taking damage every second.
  • Sun Regen Damage- Your ability to regenerate health, magicka and staminais reduced by 20% while you are outside during the day
  • Trespassing Damage - Take continues damage while entering someone elses house uninvited.
  • Vampire Hate- You are hated as a vampire and will be attacked by anyone on sight. (Always/Stage 3+/Stage 4+ or Stage 5)
  • Starvation- You instantly die when you have no blood left to maintain your powers.
  • Restoration Spells- Restoration spells cast on a vampire are 20% less potent.
  • Food- Food used by the vampire is 20% less potent.
  • Potions- Potions drunk by the vampire are 20% less potent.

New Vampire Spells and Powers

  • Blood Transfusion- Drain your own blood for 25 health a second while regenerating 25 magicka every second.
  • Vampiric Push - Can push enemies away from you.
  • Blood Plague - Infects a target doing 50 damage over 10 seconds. If the target is killed by Blood Plague it will jump to nearby targets.
  • Embrace of Shadows - Vampires can become completely invisible while surrounded by darkness for 120 seconds.
  • Mortals Mask - Hides your vampirism at the cost of 5 magicka every sec after when spell is recast or you run out of magicka you will be attacked on sight. (Requires 50 Magicka to be cast)

You can feed on by sneaking up on any unsuspecting NPC that's awake or asleep.
There are 3 options to choose from when feeding: Drain, Feast and Pass Bloodline.

  • Draining- Draining a victim you will drink some of his blood but just enough to keep him alive.As a result the NPC has his health reduced by 25 points, is 50% easier to intimidate and he has 10% better prices. This effect lasts until the NPC's blood level returns to a reasonable amount, until then you also able to turn this NPC into a vampire.
  • Feast- Feasting on a victim you drink all of his blood, this will result in his death due to the lack of blood.You can't Feast on essential NPC.
  • Pass Bloodline - Passing your Bloodline will kill an NPCand resurrect them as a vampireAs a reward for turning them into a powerful vampire, they will offer to become a follower and you are able to marry them. They gain acces to vanilla vampire spells, abilities and weaknesses.

Feeding as Finishing Move
When an enemy is below 15% Health and is staggered, paralyzed or knocked down you can use your bite to finish the enemy.

Blood Potions
Potions filled with blood for the travelling vampire, they will heal you and increase your blood level.
They can be obtained by cooking the required ingredients or by extracting blood from fallen foes.

  • Potion of Blood-3 Falmer ears+salt pileor extracted from fallen Falmer. Heals for 50 points
  • Philter of Blood-human flesh+salt pileor extracted from fallen humans. Heals for 100 points
  • Elixer of Blood-giants toe+salt pileor extracted from fallen giants. Heals for 150 points.

Vampire Lord Abilities

(Video) Skyrim - Is Being a Vampire Worth It?

  • Vampire Spells used in Vampire Lord form deal 25% more damage.
  • The Vampire Lord can't regenerate stamina in melee form.*Optional
  • The Vampire Lord can't regenerate magicka in flight form.*Optional

Vampire Perk Tree
The Vampire Lord Experience system has been changed to fit with the new perks and now ways to earn experience have been added.
You gain experience from killing enemies with Blood Magic, using Night Magic spells and by feeding.

Vampire Perks

  • Power of the grave- Tier 1:Gain 50 health, magicka and stamina in Vampire Lord formTier 2:Gain 50 health, magicka and stamina in Human Form
  • Echo Location - Tier 1:Detect all creatures, even dwarven automatons.Tier 2:Detect all range and duration has been increased. Hit Shaders have been changed.
  • Mist Form - Turn into an invulnerable mist, while health, magicka, and stamina regenerateand your weakness to the sun is avoided.
  • Light Weight- Increases your movement speed by 50% in vampire lord form and 25% in human form.
  • Shifting Tides - You gain 25% more resistance to fire but you are 25% more vulnerable to frost.
  • Supernatural Reflexes - Tier 1:Everything slows down while you move faster.Tier 2:Gain a chance to slow time when an enemy power attacks.
  • Mistwalker - Night Power: Create a thick mist allowing you to avoid all types of sun damage for 300 seconds.
  • Vampiric Grip - Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it's close.
  • Summon Gargoyle - Tier 1:Can conjure a gargoyle to fight for you.Tier 2:Can conjure a gargoyle boss to fight for you.
  • Vampiric Push - Blood Magic: Can push enemies away from you.
  • Sanguine Ward- Blood Magic: Cast a Sanguine Ward that negates magicka and increases your defenses.
  • Corpse Curse - Blood Magic: Target is paralyzed.
  • Enthrall - Blood Magic: Enthrall a enemy and force him to fight for you.
  • Poison Talons - Melee attacks do 25 poison damage over 5 seconds.
  • Unearthly Will - Tier 1: Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 25% less. Tier 2: Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 50% less.
  • Sharpened Talons - Tier 1: Melee attacks in vampire lord form do 15% more damage and u are 10% more likely to critical hit. Tier 2: Doubles the effect
  • Severe Strikes - Tier 1: Your power attacks deal damage to all enemies in front of your attack damage has been increased by 25% Tier 2: Your power attacks in vampire lord form stagger the enemy. And your attack speed has been increased by 25%.
  • Sanguine Perfection - Tier 1: Deal 10% more damage with your spells in Vampire Lord. Tier 2 and Tier 3 increase this effect by an additional 10% each
  • Blood Transfusion - Blood Magic: Drain your own blood for 25 health a second while regenerating 25 magicka every second.
  • Blood Healing - Killing a person with a power attack bite restores all your health, stamina and magicka.
  • Dark Armor - Tier 1:Increases your armor by 10% in melee form, and gain 10% resistance to destruction magic in flight form.Gain 5% of both effects in Human form.Tier 2: Increases your armor by an additional 5% in melee form, and gain an additional 5% resistance to destruction magic in flight form.Gain an additional 2.5% of both effects in Human form.
  • Night Cloak - In combat, you are surrounded by a cloud of bats that feed on enemies within melee range.
  • Power of the night - You get 150 extra magicka in vampire lord form and 75 in human form also gain 20% more spell damage at night and 10% in human form. (8pm to 5am).
  • Embrace of Shadows- Night Power: You gain the ability to become invisible in the shadows.
  • Blood Extraction - Allows the cooking of special blood potions and the extraction of blood potions from fallen Humans, Falmer and Giants.
  • Sanguine Wings - You gain the ability to fly as a Vampire Lord and your wings make you immune to fall damage.
  • Blood Plague - Infects a target doing 50 damage over 10 seconds. If the target is killed by Blood Plague it will jump to nearby targets.
  • Mortals Mask - Night Power: Allows you to hide your vampirism at the cost of 5 magicka per second.

Vampire Hunters
Vampire hunter are now able to track vampire activity, feeding and using vampire abilities will allow them to find you easier.
Vampire hunters are trained vampire killers and they are very well equipped to fight vampires.
They come in groups of 3-5 hunters and sometimes they are accompanied by one of their leaders.

The Dawnguard
The Dawnguard will be the most common type of vampire hunter you will encounter they use their special Dawnguard weapons which are imbued with silver to fight vampires, some of them have also learned several sun spells to significantly harm vampires.

Dawnguard enemies

  • Warriors- Heavy armored fighters equipped with melee weapons, they are very aggressive and will try to get as close to you as possible.
  • Crossbowmen- Medium armored ranged fighters equipped with deadly long-range crossbows and fire bolts. Some of them even managed to craft some explosive bolts.
  • Mages- Light armored mages that use fire and sun spells to burn their prey to ashes.
  • Husky-Dogs, that are trained to track down vampires and protect their owners in battle.
  • Troll-Tough beasts that are there to distract the vampire.

Dawnguard Bosses

(Video) Der Trauerschwan - Sanguinare Vampiris (Full Album Premiere)

  • Borah the General- One of the leaders of the Dawnguard faction, a very tough enemy who is not afraid to fight you in close quarters with his mighty two-handed Warhammer and sun aura. He is accompanied by two of his toughest warriors.
  • Vashar Deathbringer- a deadly Khajiit assassin, once a member of a secret society. Stories go around he is one the best at killing vampires, yet no vampires have managed to ever catch a glimpse of him. He is accompanied by two of the best spotters and crossbowmen in the Dawnguard.
  • Grogmar the Unkillable- Abrute orc who was once a warrior in an arena now he is one of the toughest warriors and has survived many severe injuries. He is always followed by two mages.
  • Emerinthil the Hell-Hawk-A Bosmer sniper who is able to make kill shots from incredible distances with her explosive fire bolts. She is accompanied by 2 of huskies.
  • Evane the Troll-Born-a Breton mage equipped with the deadliest fire and sun spells in all of Skyrim. Accompanied by two tough trolls.

Vampire Overhauls- Most other vampire overhauls won't work with this mod, unless they state it will.
D.V.A. - Doesn't work and would require a patch.
Other Visual Vampire Mods- These should work just fine.


[b]Q: When will there be a version Playstation?

A:This mod will not work on Playstation, because of the amount of scripts that custom assets used by this mod.

Q: Does this mod change vampire NPC's?
A:No, none of the changes of this mod apply to vampire NPC's.

Q: Will you release a version that has only said feature?
A:No, there isVampire Lord Perks Expanded, if you want a lightweight perk tree this mod is predecessors to this mod.


How do I cure Sanguinare Vampiris? ›

Curing Sanguinare Vampiris

At the stage of Sanguinare Vampiris, Vampirism is very easy to cure. Taking a simple Potion of Cure Disease will wipe it out.

How long does it take for Sanguinare Vampiris to progress to vampirism? ›

As was the case in the previous game, Oblivion, the player has a chance of contracting a disease called Sanguinare Vampiris. The initial disease can be cured normally, but if left unchecked for three nights, the diseased will become a vampire.

What is the effect of Sanguinare Vampiris? ›

Sanguinare Vampiris is the disease that leads to vampirism in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Vampires carry the pathogen, and failure to cure it causes the victim to develop vampirism, and the vulnerability to sunlight that accompanies it.

How long does Sanguinare Vampiris take Minecraft? ›

Once you have the disease, you must wait 1 hour (3 minecraft days) before you will become a full-vampire. You can speed-up this process by blood trading: First a non-vampire will drink blood from you and afterwards you have to drink much blood of the infected.

Can I stop being a vampire in Skyrim? ›

Falion leads the player to nearby Summoning Stones, North by North West of Morthal on a river delta. The player won't need to provide anything else to Falion to cure Vampirism. Just let him do his thing, stand in the Summoning Stones, and your Vampire curse will be cured.

How long can a vampire go without blood? ›

How long would the vamp need for a decent feed before it could retreat to the safety of the night? According to physics students at the University of Leicester, around 6.4 minutes.

Should I keep Sanguinare Vampiris? ›

You should still have Sanguinare Vampiris even if you used a health potion, and will eventually progress to being a Vampire, provided that you don't cure your Sanguinare Vampiris disease. Note that: Whenever a vampire casts Vampiric Drain on you, there is a 10% chance for you to be infected with Sanguinare Vampiris.

How long can a vampire go without blood Twilight? ›

After a vampire's thirst has been satiated, he can go on without drinking blood for a week of two.

What is the downside to vampirism in Skyrim? ›

The Cons Of Becoming A Vampire

It's the weakness to sunlight which makes vampire gameplay particularly difficult, as it prevents health, stamina, and magicka regeneration. Additionally, NPCs will become hostile toward players who have become vampires, especially if they are in the fourth stage.

Can you become Vampire Lord with Sanguinare Vampiris? ›

Harkon and Serana

Vampirism can be directly contracted without contracting Sanguinare Vampiris by getting bitten by Harkon or Serana, which at the same time gives the Dragonborn the ability to become a Vampire Lord (see below).

What happens if you accept vampirism in Dawnguard? ›

Speaking With Lord Harkon

Eventually, Lord Harkon will present you with the opportunity to become a vampire. If you accept the offer, Harkon will bite you, which causes you to pass out. If you refuse the offer to become a vampire, you will be banished from Castle Volkihar and won't be able to enter back inside.

Can a vampire spawn become a full vampire? ›

A vampire spawn can become a normal vampire after drinking the blood of the vampire who originally turned them into a vampire spawn. A vampire spawn is controlled by the vampire who created them.

What is the weakness of sanguine? ›

Quick Takeaway: The strength of a sanguine character is that they are easygoing and forgiving. Their weakness is that they can get carried away easily into arguments and quarrels.

What is the best job for sanguine? ›

Careers perfect for sanguines: sales, PR, customer service, marketing, travel, sports, and entertainment.
Successful Sanguine
  • You are self-confident, taking no offense at critical remarks.
  • You have superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get on well with peers and clients.
Mar 27, 2019

Can a sanguine marry a sanguine? ›

Typically, Sanguines are attracted to other personality types. However, when two sanguines are attracted to each other, it may end up as an extremely happy relationship they choose to date or get married.

Can you turn back into a human after becoming a vampire in Skyrim? ›

The vampire lord form can be activated without limitation. To revert back, you must first select Revert Form. Your new form fills you with a taste for flesh. Each creature you slay by draining their life force will strengthen you and will allow you to rank up Vampire Lord Perks.

Can you become a vampire again after curing yourself Skyrim? ›

Being a vampire is fun, until it isn't anymore, but the cure is surprisingly simple. If you miss your blood-drinking days, you can go back to being a vampire at any point, though there's obviously a social price to pay for that.

Can you sleep as a vampire in Skyrim? ›

If you're a vampire and you sleep in a coffin, you will receive the Vampiric Blood Rested bonus, which boosts your resistance to magic by 10% for one in-game day.

How do vampires get boners if they don't have blood? ›

Vampires would probably have a different digestive system where the blood enters their veins and that blood creates a blood flow. Thus, erections are possible. In some popular literature, vampires need to drink blood first in order to get an erection, which supports this theory.

What happens if a vampire doesn't feed? ›

Without their monthly, weekly, or sometimes daily feeding rituals, vampires claim, it becomes difficult for them to function—if they go too long without blood or “energy,” they can become weak, developing a host of physical and emotional symptoms that only a feeding can soothe. Don't miss what matters.

What happens if you don't burn a vampire? ›

If a vampire is torn to pieces and the pieces are not burned in the fire, the vampire can reconstruct themselves as if no damage occurred, with no sign of harm. Vampires can also use their saliva which is also venom to accelerate the healing of their injuries.

Is it better to be a vampire or werewolf in Skyrim? ›

Being a werewolf is less taxing on the necks of Nords and other races. It doesn't require anything to maintain though the benefits are not as present as a vampire's. For those that feel vampirism can be a chore, being a carefree werewolf is better.

What are the pros and cons of vampirism in Skyrim? ›

  • Immunity to disease.
  • Immunity to poison.
  • Illusion spells do more damage (25%)
  • You are harder to detect (only while sneaking; 25%)
  • Resistance to frost (25% multiplied by the stage you are at)
  • There are an array of new vampire powers. Vampire's sight allows you to see in dark environments.

Is being a vampire better than Dawnguard? ›

Overall, the physical rewards (weapons, etc) are better if you choose Dawnguard. However, you cannot regularly use the powerful Vampire Lord form until after you've completed the main questline, or else the Dawnguard members will not accept you.

Why can't vampires get pregnant in Twilight? ›

In the world of Twilight, vampire women are unable to get pregnant because their body can not change to hold a fetus. But men are apparently able to get human women pregnant.

What happens if a twilight vampire eats food? ›

Vampires do not eat human food – if they do, it must be vomited later.

How do vampires get hard? ›

Vampires have blood, which is what's used to fill those erections generally required for sex, in their system only after they've hunted and sucked their victims dry.

What is the hardest vampire in Skyrim? ›

Harkon is, unsurprisingly, the hardest vampire in Skyrim. Dawnguard's final boss doles out some serious pain, enough to put him near the top of the list - though in truth, he's best described as 'just another high-level vampire, except this time with high elemental resistance'.

What race is best for vampire in Skyrim? ›

Dark Elves are as stealthy as they are magical, making them perfect hunters of the night. And it's without a doubt that they're among the best races to play as a Vampire.

Should I turn my wife into a vampire in Skyrim? ›

Turning a spouse into a vampire does not have any explicit benefits other than what you stated. Most of the time the only difference is that their eyes change color and that's glitchy sometimes.

Can you cure Serana if you sided with the vampires? ›

It's possible to cure Serana of her vampirism after finishing the Dawnguard DLC. You can bring Serana to Falion, who resides in Morthal, and he can cure her of her vampirism by performing a ritual; you can also do this for your character if you wish to cure your own vampirism.

Should I feed as a vampire in Skyrim? ›

For those playing a stealth build in Skyrim, feeding shouldn't be much of a problem. Others, however, might find it difficult. And, though feeding helps, curing vampirism is a different thing entirely. Still, feeding can be very helpful depending on players' desired play styles.

Can I turn into a vampire if I'm a werewolf in Skyrim? ›

You cannot become a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time. Becoming a Vampire Lord removes lycanthropy automatically, but the option to return remains. Lycanthropy can be cured by other means as well.

What happens if you give Harkon the bow? ›

At this point, Lord Harkon will demand that you give him Auriel's Bow. If you refuse to give it to him, he will attack you. Likewise, if you give him the bow, he will betray you and attack.

Can Serana be a follower if you side with the Dawnguard? ›

Serana is a pure-blood Vampire and follower who accompanies you throughout the Dawnguard questline. Her father is the vampire Lord Harkon. No matter which side you choose she still helps you.

Should you let Serana turn you into a vampire? ›

Should you become a vampire, you will need to be cured in order to continue working with the Dawnguard, you'll get the quest to get cured from members of the Dawnguard. Interestingly enough, getting your soul back will net you 1 black soul gem, while getting cured of vampirism will cost you 1 full black soul gem.

How do you treat Sanguinare Vampiris? ›

Curing Sanguinare Vampiris

At the stage of Sanguinare Vampiris, Vampirism is very easy to cure. Taking a simple Potion of Cure Disease will wipe it out.

How to be a pure blood vampire? ›

Purebloods are the result of a union between two vampires and therefore, they cannot be created artificially. While it is more common for Purebloods to be born to convert parents, other combinations are possible such as convert/Pureblood or Pureblood/Pureblood, though the latter case is extremely rare.

How do you become a vampire king? ›

Becoming a Vampire Lord is a bit more complex.
How To Become A Vampire Lord
  1. Speak to a Hold Guard, Inkeeper, etc. (Typically around Level 10)
  2. Complete the "Dawnguard" Main Quest.
  3. Complete the "Awakening" Main Quest.
  4. During the "Bloodline" Main Quest, players must choose to support either the Dawnguard or Lord Harkon.
Mar 9, 2022

What is the rarest vampire? ›

Type One vampires are the rarest and most powerful type of vampires. They are human-like in appearance but have two fangs and sometimes, their eyes glow. They possess great strength and speed, an incredibly long lifespan and the ability to hypnotize their victims with their eyes.

What type of vampire is the rarest? ›

The dirge is easily the rarest form of vampiric creature and indeed may be the least-documented undead being known to exist.

What is the strongest version of a vampire? ›

DRACULA. Within the Marvel Universe, Dracula is the most powerful vampire on Earth and currently serves as the leader of the world's vampires. Previously, he enjoyed a violent reign as Transylvanian nobleman Vlad the Impaler; after he was injured, he became a vampire and quickly grew his power and status among his kind ...

How long would it take for a vampire to drink all your blood? ›

While the blood flow would undoubtedly slow as the volume reduced, it means to drain a human body completely of blood would take a vampire at least 42 minutes.

What is vampirism diet? ›

The Vampire Diet calls for its followers to eat only red foods at each meal. Fruits are easy to come by with almost all berries making the cut, as well as watermelon and cherries. Vegetables are harder to find in the red hues, as the majority of veggies are green.

How do you stop vampire thirst? ›

In order to keep a vampire's thirst quenched, they will need to find a steady supply of plasma. They will not die of thirst in The Sims 4, but having a starving, crazy vampire running around can cause all kinds of unwanted problems, especially if they attack another Sim.

How do you cure Sanguinare Vampiris in Skyrim console? ›

If you are playing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on a PC and want to get rid of the “Sanguinare Vampiris” disease, there is a command prompt to achieve that. All you need to do is use the console commands by opening the console and type “setstage 000EAFD5 10”. This will automatically cure you of vampirism.

Could vampirism be cured? ›

No, in folklore, vampirism cannot really be cured.

If you want to “cure” a vampire, you kill them.

Why won't Falion cure my vampirism? ›

Falion may not leave his home after starting the quest so he cannot be given the soul gem to cure the vampirism. Fix: This can be solved by giving him the soul gem when he is already at the circle between 4 and 6 am.

Can you get rid of vampire blood in Skyrim? ›

Alternatively, praying at a shrine cures it. Otherwise, the only method for removing the disease is to speak to Falion, the thaumaturge of Morthal. He requires a filled Black Soul Gem to cure vampirism.

How to stop being a Vampire Lord? ›

If you're sick and tired of being a vampire, there is a cure: the quest "Rising at Dawn". Head to Morthal to talk to Falion, an NPC who will cure your vampirism for a filled Black Soul Gem. These gems are pretty rare, though he will sell you an empty one for at least 500 Gold.

How many times can you cure vampirism in Skyrim? ›

You'll be free of vampirism after a brief cutscene, which also means you're free to turn back into a vampire if you want. There's no limit on how many times Falion will perform the ritual, and the only penalty comes from drinking blood.

How do you feed as a vampire in Skyrim? ›

The easiest way is to pickpocket sleeping NPCs. The game will give players a prompt to feed, and the characters will be none the wiser. Another way to feed is to attack people as a Vampire Lord. Once enemies are close to death, a power attack will lead to a feeding.

What is vampirism weakness? ›

Likewise all [vampires] have a weakness to certain mundane things, though what exactly can harm their mortal form, or expel and extinguish their corrupted souls varies greatly: sunlight, salt, silver, cold iron, cats, living wood or blessed implements are all fairly common, though some [vampires] have contrived to have ...

Can you turn a vampire back to normal? ›

In order to reverse their vampirism, your Sim (or someone they know) will need to become the best Vampire Lore expert around. Once a Sim has gained Level 15 in the Vampire Lore skill, they unlock the ability to make the Ultimate Vampire Cure, which can be mixed like a cocktail at any bar.

Is it possible to be half vampire? ›

A human-vampire hybrid, also known as half-vampire, vampire hybrid, half-human and half-vampire, and half-immortal, is the offspring of a female human and a male vampire. It is generally beyond the ability of most vampires to be this close to a human physically and still resist the lure of her blood.

Can Falion cure Serana? ›

1 You Can Cure Serana Of Vampirism By Talking To Falion

You can bring Serana to Falion, who resides in Morthal, and he can cure her of her vampirism by performing a ritual; you can also do this for your character if you wish to cure your own vampirism.

Do I lose my perks if I cure vampirism? ›

Perk points allocated to the tree cannot be undone, although the vampirism can be cured through Falion's ritual. Requiring a filled Black Soul Gem, the affliction is reversed but all perks remain.

Is there more than one way to cure vampirism Skyrim? ›

Complete the game's conventional method for a cure, the “Rising at Dawn” quests. Perform a ritual with a mage named Falion to remove the vampirism. Become a werewolf by doing the Companions' faction quests to cure your vampirism and become immune to all diseases in the future.


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